Looking to relax and unwind? Discover our treatments and massages, and travel to all countries of the world. You can choose your tea for degustation (green, black, red, white, mint, ginger & lemon, jasmine, infusion...) and your oil for massage (organic, 100% bio, jojoba, pure argan, cocanit, sesame, sweet almond, tropical relax, tropical energy, jasmine, orange blossom, amber & musc...). Shower included.

Medical Thai Treatment
Medical Japanese Shiatsu Treatment

Traitement Médical Thai
Traitement Médical Shiatsu Japonais

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Medical Pedicure/Pédicure Médicale

We offer the highest quality of medical pedicure adapted to your needs. Cure problems like corns, ingrown nails, fungal toe nails, callosities and more. Nous offrons la meilleure qualité de pédicure médicale adaptée à vos besoins. Soignez vos problèmes tels que les callosités, durillons, cors, oeil-de-perdrix, ongles incarnés et plus encore.

We offer the highest quality of wellness pedicure. Nous offrons la meilleure qualité de pédicures wellness.